Monday, September 13, 2010

Create your own portable app

Its has been a mess that we don't like installing soft-wares on our machine since then we are using portable applications for such purposes.
really a portable application gives a number of pros to its users
save the memory space and give portability of using the application with out installing fact this way we can always carry around our favorite portable apps in your pen drive and use when needed.
one con of portable app is the chance of missing full functionalities of the installed app.

ever wished you could pack an entire application in to one single .exe and take it with us anywhere without having to reinstall it every time?we ever wanted reinstalled all our apps every time we change,upgrade or reformat our PC/laptop or notebook.

A well know software used to create portable apps is ThinApp an excellent but trial version I tried.ever since i was looking for freeware solution and found cool application called Cameyo which is completely free and works greatly to create portable application of any software we want.

Really Cameyo us a free product, open architecture application virtualization,application virtualization technology packages entire application into a single standaloe executable, eliminating the need to install.

As application visualization technolohy exist for years good products are very expensive and complex to learn.

here is in detail video guide creating portable app using the cameyo

taste it!! :D

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